Our mission

Our MISSION is to empower people to live life to the fullest.

Our VISION is to partner with each person encouraging them to take ownership of their own health while providing the kind of comprehensive healthcare that allows us to care for the whole person.

OUR GOAL is to serve the people of Saskatchewan with a compassionate multi-disciplinary healthcare team, working in harmony to care for people comprehensively by addressing their mental, emotional, relational, spiritual, and physical needs.

What is health? Lifebridge

Our Core values are best represented by one word – CARE.

Core Values

C- Compassion

A genuine desire to see each of our patients, staff and Doctors, optimize their state of health and overall well being.

R- Respect

We honour & respect everyone that calls Lifebridge Health Centre their medical home. If anyone refuses to show respect and dignity to our team or likewise our team fails to show respect to our patients, we take this seriously. We deal with this swiftly to bring justice and compassion into the situation.

A- Accessibility

We want to allow our patients to have access as easy as possible to have their individual health care needs met in a timely fashion. We understand that due to the heavy call volume our patients will occasionally have to wait for a longer period before their call is answered. We are working on adding, “self online booking” that will soon be available through our website.

E- Excellence & Efficiency

The staff at Lifebridge is constantly tweaking our office policy and protocol to become more efficient to serve our patient population and team as best we can. We want to give the resources we have at our disposal.

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Caring for the whole person.

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