Summer walk-in hours

Get up-to-date with the summer hours for Lifebridge clinic.

Updated walk-in hours

Updated Walk-in hours as of June 1, 2020, for Lifebridge Walk-in Clinic.

No-show policy

New No-show policy explanation at Lifebridge health clinic.

Covid-19 Resources

Here are a list of resources available to you for Covid-19.

Common questions

Find answers to your questions about Lifebridge on this page!

FLU SHOT facts and information

Wondering about the Flu shot? Can the flu actually be serious? Learn all about the Flu shot on this page!

About us

Conveniently located at #36-118 Cope Crescent, Saskatoon, SK, LIFEBRIDGE Health Centre provides access to healthcare providers striving for the highest standards in patient care and services.

Our mission and values.

Caring for the whole person.

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